Reliable back-up power solutions and electricity savings are key.
Call us for quality integrated systems installed from R128,000.

Interested in solar – let us provide some illumination!

If grid independence and energy security are concepts that resonate with you then it’s time to engage The Green Way Solar. We offer  electricity during outages and savings of 30% to 95% of your electricity bill. It’s a game changer for business continuity, for lifestyle & for security.


Generating your own electricity and its integration to your property must be done properly. Our service begins with needs analysis, through design and integration and ends with customer education and support. We focus on businesses and large residential offerings. Our bespoke designs and cutting edge products such as the Tesla Powerwall ensure you get a system that is fit for purpose and seamless to use.


Invest in your lifestyle and keep your business in business.



The Green Way Solar is a registered and accredited PV Green Card Installer

Registered company: The Green Way Solar Pty Ltd

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