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The sun has powered the earth for billions of years, and here in Southern Africa we benefit from some of the brightest sunshine on the planet. We are now able  to transform that daily gift of solar energy to run our 21st century conveniences. Technology is now delivering the dream – solar electricity at a cost that competes with traditional forms of power generation and energy storage technology that allows you to consume renewable energy at anytime.


The Green Way Solar leverages its experience in the UK, a market with close to 1 million rooftop installations, to bring you best in class technology and excellent project management and service. Our consultants and experts will undertake a comprehensive survey and needs analysis to best design your solution. The levelised cost of electricity over the lifetime of your solar generation plant is more cost effective than ESKOM. And, you get to keep the lights on when the grid fails!


We demystify the jargon, make sure you understand the ins and outs of your project and we quantify exactly where and how your investment addresses the risks posed by an unreliable grid, how you hedge against price increases and what you will ultimately save. We want you to experience the joy of being independent of the grid.

The Green Way Directors

Richard Douglas

Richard Douglas

Richard is a versatile businessman with broad exposure, he has worked in many parts of Africa, the UK, Ireland and the USA.  He’s an out of the box thinker and is passionate about the environment in every way.


His dream is to deliver competitive energy generation solutions to households and communities, this feeds his desire to see quality of life and living standards improved across all geographies and societies.


His project management background, accounting and finance training and global exposure contribute to The Green Way’s best in class offering.


Richard provides the financial smarts that separate The Green Way from its competitors. His exacting standards, attention to detail and dedication to service excellence will result in an unsurpassed customer experience.

Brad Stransky, Director, The Green Way Solar, South Africa, Johannesburg, Pavini, Concrete Tiles

Brad Stransky

Brad is a budding entrepreneur who has escaped the corporate rat race. Most recently an equity derivatives trader, he has also performed various other roles within banking and finance both locally and abroad.


He is excited to now be in a space where he can add value to people's daily lives (including those less fortunate), help the planet by making it just a little bit greener and have fun while doing it.


He is someone who is meticulous about doing things right. He is smart and enjoys designing solutions. He is straight talking and is committed to offering service beyond that of our accepted norms.


Brad is passionate about his young family, kite surfing, fly fishing and sport in general.

Please contact Brad to see how he can assist you.

Some feedback from our Clients

D-Bit Systems - Rob Ritchie (Technical Director)

As solar energy is gaining popularity in homes and businesses, the prevalence of installation companies is increasing to meet demand. However, not all solar installers can provide the expertise, high-quality workmanship, and reliable customer service that will ensure that the system performs efficiently and provides the highest return on investment.


D-BIT recently commissioned The Green Way Solar to install a hybrid solar system at our business premises in Randburg.


From the outset, The Green Way Solar were able to:

• Answer our (many) questions

• Explain in lay terms some of the terminology

• Advise us on the best location for the system’s components

• Inform us of the income tax incentive (per the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962, Part 12B) for business, you can depreciate the asset in year 1, thus savings on the business income tax you would have paid: - reducing initial cash flow by 28%

.. while making us feel comfortable about the decision to work with them.


Our installation was complicated by a pre-requisite to split our incoming 3 phase supply whereby one phase would be isolated and reserved for dedicated ‘red’ plugs and ‘emergency’ lighting.


Once scheduled, the polite installation crew showed up on time, the re-wiring was completed with

almost no interruption and the solar panels, battery banks and inverter were installed.


The system went "live" on day four and the energy output was exactly what was to be expected if not a

bit more.


The motive to write this endorsement of The Green Way Solar is that it has been so refreshing to deal

with a company who were willing to ‘listen’ to what we wanted and then go out of their way to design

and deliver an affordable solution that exceeds our expectation.


We could not be more grateful to have chosen The Green Way Solar as our solar provider and would

wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a solar solution.

Keith Koster (April 2017)

The Green Way Solar have installed a solar unit in at my residence. I really want to take the time to recommend them as my experience from the start of the installation till its completion has been excellent. The professionalism with which they have conducted themselves throughout the installation has been very refreshing, from the preplanning to the fitment and after service was conducted with great care and excellence.


The unit has been operating very well and has contributed already in great energy saving as well recuperating finances invested into the system. I therefore recommend them highly and am willing to be referring future potential customers to them.

Lizette Driescher (April 2017)

The Green Way Solar installed a 3 kW solar PV system on my home in Randburg. The system has a full battery backup solution. This has been a wonderful contributor to my sense of security as all the essential loads run when the grid is down. It is totally seamless!


I found the The Green Way Solar team to be professional, courteous and thorough. They kept me well informed throughout the installation process and have been responsive to any questions I have had around the operation of the system. They left me with comprehensive, user-friendly documentation on how the system is configured and how to operate it.


I would recommend The Green Way Solar to anyone who is looking for a renewable energy solution that provides energy security and a saving on electricity bills.

The Green Way Solar Academy is a SAPVIA endorsed Training Facility

Registered company: The Green Way Solar Pty Ltd